Wednesday, July 29, 2015

High Quality Makeup Brushes

If you've been a fan for long you know I'm a huge sucker for makeup brushes. I love to try new ones because they are all just amazingly different. The ones I want to tell y'all about today are unique but I have to disclose they are an eye makeup kits. BUT I use some of them for contouring if your're not contouring what are waiting for?? But that's another post.  There really is no wrong way to use a makeup brush, they are very similar to paint brushes. What the artist sees it as it what she will use it for.

There are four brushes in the set and as usual I immediately found a favorite. Nothing against the other brushes but I really like the wider on and it puts a contour line like no other brush I've used. It dips right in there and grabs the perfect amount of makeup.Then is draws a perfect line with ease.  The bristle are soft yet firm and they are very workable. They move in the direction(s) I want the to with no fight.  ~~ The top brown bristle brush is the one I'm talking about.

I love liquid liner and this eyeliner brush is perfect to control the width and thickness of the liner line. The brush makes it easy to get close to my lash line without making a mess or getting it in my eye. So that's another brush that I use often. 

The angle brush is awesome to create the shadow look I want. It precisely applies shadow to where I want. Not all over my lid or face.  All of the brushes have thin handles that are easy to hold and maneuver. 

They all come neatly rolled in a snap closed carrying case. I love the little zippered pouch at the top. I put my sponge applicators in there for storage. But the pouch makes this set portable and very easy to travel with. It folds small so it won't take up a lot room in the luggage. Which is great with all the restrictions and cost associated with luggage. 

Want to pick up a super affordable set for yourself? Go here and grab one. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. I would never recommend a product I didn't feel was good for my readers.


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