Monday, July 6, 2015

Ecooda Maelstrom Baitrunner Spinning Fishing Reel

So I've told you that I like to fish and that I would be reviewing a series of products from Kast King. I'm back to review the Ecooda Maelstrom Baitrunner Spinning Fishing Reel. Let's be honest,  I can't fish without a reel! So this was a great product for me to review.

The reel is an open face which was new for me. My husband would rather me not use open face reels because he says "they can bird nest on you in a heart beat" But this is a REALLY nice real.  It's a nice finish and it visually attractive. It's very sturdy and seems like it will last for a long time.  Just attached it my rod and I was ready to go.

We fish mostly freshwater (catfish and Perch) but the parts are made for saltwater fishing as well. The drag is super easy to set and it's easy to real once the drag is set.  Spinning mechanism is easy to work with no catching. I personally did not find the open face hard to use there is a few quirks to using but nothing major. But I have to disclose I didn't do a ton of the casting, my husband likes to cast for me and let me reel them in.

I love the extra spool that means I won't have to stop and re-spool if something happens. I can just load the extra and continue fishing.

Being a bait feeder means that the fish will no longer be able jerk the pole out of my hands! Unfortunately this time we didn't catch anything that tested the limits of the reel. I had no fit or huge fish to reel in. We must have hit a school of babies because that's all we pulled up!! But a bad day (if you can call it bad) fishing is still better than a good day in the office.

So get your own Ecooda Maelstrom Baitrunner Spinning Reel here. Maybe you can reel in a monster and shoot me a pic!!

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own.

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