Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Baby Car Safety Mirror - Extra Large Wide View

I have always had a safety mirror for all of my babies. I just feel safer seeing them and "guessing" what is going on or if they are choking.. Whatever I worry about. I had gotten rid of all of my baby things so when I was chosen to review this Rear Seat Baby Safety Mirror I was very excited.

It's a lot larger than any of the mirrors I have used in the past. Which is a great thing because I can see the baby's full face or body and face depending on how I position the mirror. That makes me so much more at ease.

Front without mirror 


This mirror was super easy to install it is just a push here and a snap there and viola done!! A few minutes and it was on the seat. It's super easy to adjust as well. The attachment straps are universal because they will adjust to any seat. 

Once it's attached it doesn't move unless you adjust it yourself. The straps and mirror stay firmly in place and it's high enough that the baby can't kick or grab it. 

This mirror is much better than the smaller ones I have used. Others are just a tiny mirror that can be adjusted but I did find myself still having to pull over and look at the baby just to be safe. With this mirror I can see the baby's face perfectly even in my rear view mirror. So whether I'm driver or passenger, I don't' have to stretch or get out my seat belt to make sure she is okay. 

This is a great baby shower gift as I think it's a must have for anybody with a child in a rear facing cars seat. Grab one here 

I received these products complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own.

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