Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What is Wantable Style Edit??

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Wantable Style Edit operates similar to our popular Fitness Edit offering. Customers pay a $20 styling fee and receive 5 hand-picked products to try on at home. The only difference between Style and Fitness is the discount structure: For Style customers receive a 25% discount if they keep all 5 items, this differs slightly from Fitness where we offer a 20% discount for keeping 3 items and a 30% discount if they keep all 5.

How is our Style Edit different than the competition?
We've analyzed the competition, talked to our customers and are focusing on our reputation as a Premium player. Simply put, we strive to offer better products from more established brands and vastly better customer service. Feel free to read more on the Style Edit here.

Wantable Fitness Box was featured in Shape Magazine! Read the article here  How exciting! .

Style Edit is so hot that the June boxes are all sold! Order July here before they are gone too.

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