Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SPACE SCOUTS Summer Adventure 12-Week Package

I have always been fascinated by space. I love learning about the constellations and stars and so does my son so I thought this box would be great for him. ( and my other children).  Not to mention I love things that are educational and fun. 

What could be more fun than ROXY and JETT guiding your child on a scouting expedition through the solar system. Each month with focus on a specific place in space.

The first box begins your child's adventure with the Space Scouts lunchbox to use as a backdrop and storage for the monthly magnet collection, the Space Scouts solar system poster to map and mark with the monthly exploration sticker, and the Space Scouts constellation card startup kit to hold the monthly constellation card collection.

Then every month after that the packet will include a Space Scouts exploration plan describing the place to be scouted, a Space Scouts magnet to add to the Space Scouts lunchbox, a Space Scouts sticker to add to the Space Scouts solar system poster, a Space Scouts activity sheet loaded with puzzles, games, and activities, a Space Scouts sticker scramble (unscramble the numbered stickers to reveal a surprise!), a Space Scouts souvenir toy to use in learning activities, a Space Scouts constellation card, and a Space Scouts constellation activity sheet that includes the mythological stories and other learning activities to help your child identify the constellation in the night sky.

When I opened the package I noticed there is a lot of fun activities. I LOVE the lunch box because that is intended to store the goodies from the monthly packages. That means MOM doesn't have to figure out where to store them or find them all over the floor. 

The package is super colorful and eye catching and instead of just reading about the new part of space, the child gets involved in activities and they DISCOVER the new part of the solar system. It's not like sitting in class reading the text book or listening to the teacher babble on.... Let's face it after a while that's what we all hear! 

There are even cute little space men included to further bring the adventure to life. Then the entire adventure can be tucked away in the metal lunch box.  So your child gets all the adventure of space travel with none of the moon rocks or time from home. And mom gets to let them enjoy without all the mess! 

Make you little one a Space Scout for only $12.00 a month plus shipping here

I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest, uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine.

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