Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Riviera Beach Bound ~~ RAVOUL PLAYA Bag

I LOVE purses and bags I have a TON of them. Most of them I love for a little while but I don't like to use them more than once.  I have a bunch of bags that I use for fishing and boating but I always think I need a beach bag. But I'm thinking that I need a beach bag when I'm camping on the way to the beach. Of course by then it's way too late.

When I was chosen to review a bag Riviera Beach Bound I was so excited. All of the Ravoul Playa bags looks so beautiufl when I was asked to choose my color I had no preference and told them to surprise me.  I loved the way the bags looked by had no idea how amazing it would be in person.

Carol Miller bags are created in Madagascar by a fair trade collective of 5 work shops in the region of Manjakatompo. The raffia is purchased by the collective and dyed and then shaped and woven.

Each bag has a zip inner pocket, with flap pocket and drawstring top.this large bag  20" x14"x 8" with a 10" shoulder drop. The raffia and sisal are sustainable plant fibers and the leather is from animal by products.

When I opened the box and pulled out my bag I literally gasped it is so stunning. The colors they chose fit me perfectly (it's almost like they knew me). It's a pink with orangish accents. The material is woven so tightly that I doubt this bag will be like others and fall apart.

The thing that got me the most is the bag is HUGE. Which is perfect!! We are a family of 8 so when I pack a "beach bag" I need a suitcase almost.  So this one is well suited for my family. It's really big enough that I could probably carry my 3 month old in it.

Not only can it be hooked closed but the satin inside can be pulled up and cover you belongings. This will protect them from sun exposure and sand. It also keeps everything inside the bag and I love that idea. I can't tell you how many times I have dumped my bag and EVERYTHING came out!

Grab your own bag here

I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest, uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine.

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