Monday, May 11, 2015

Rolling With It Premium EVA Foam Roller

Have you heard of Rolling with it? It's a 36" Foam roller that helps stretch those hard to stretch muscles. It improves muscle mobility,k flexibility, and prevents soreness. Whether you are a professional or just novice you could benefit from Rolling with it.

I have never heard of Eva but it's an eco-friendly material with no chlorine in it's production. It's also free from heavy metals, Phenols, Latex, and all toxins. Plus it's 100% recyclable.

Another amazing this is they say Eva Grade foam will not flak or chip and it will hold it's shape no matter the size of the user.

It long and pretty big around but it's light weight. The weight makes it portable but since it's large it's not extremely easily tucked away. It glides easily on all surfaces even carpet. There are lots of ways to use Rolling with it. I like to use it to hold me in a Plank pose (I have a very hard time). 

Rolling with it s a great tool to  keep me off the ground when stretching it makes it easier to stretch. It also helps stretch muscles that are other wise hard to stretch.

Rolling with it stands by their product so much you can  BUY NOW! WORRY FREE! There is a 100% money back GUARANTEE FOR LIFE. No other products offers that! Grab yours here

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine

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  1. I had never seen these before but it looks pretty neat. I'll look for these, it might help for those of us with arthritis.