Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kulcar Version #2

As some of you may know I live in South Louisiana and that means HOT summers. I don't mean normal hot, I mean smoldering, practically smothering hot. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. But one huge downfall is getting in a car on a hot day. When it's 100 degrees outside, it's at least 110 in the vehicle but it feels like it's a million degrees. Some days I my seat feels like I sat on Mars and I'm squirming to avoid my behind getting blistered. The same thing goes for grabbing the seatbelt or steering wheel they feel like they have baked in an over at 450 degress.

So when I was asked to review Kulcar Version #2 I was so excited. Let me tell you why. Kulcar is a a Solar powered car ventilator that cools off the inside of the car but at LEAST 18 degrees. That's a big difference. That can bring the temperature down enough to where I don't' feel like I'm going to get blistered every time I touch something.  If it drops it even more that might actually make my car comfortable! So yes I was very excited and anxious to try it.

So I ordered my Kulcar and then this terrible storm moved through. It felt like it NEVER stopped raining. I mean of course it did stop but we got so much rain my back yard was flooded. When I remodeled we lost our covered carport so I didn't want to attempt installing the Kulcar and have the rain catch me before I was finished.

When I took the box out to install I was really nervous. My husband is recovering from surgery so I was on my own for the installation. But you see, I am not the handy type at all!  I was happy to see that there was only a few steps to installation. The Kulcar itself comes in one piece, the only thing I had to do was the rubber strip. The entire process took me around five minutes.

The stripping comes in 2 pieces and the instructions are simple to follow. As you can see they are written directly on the box. Which is GENIUS to me because I didn't have to search for the paper, and open the paper to find the first set of instructions.

Step 1

Step 2
Step 3

4 step - getting the rubber strip to fit just right

Rain Cover installed 

Finished outside view

Finished! -- Inside View

Fits neatly inside the window and does not protrude very far out. Nobody will hit it when they are sitting in the seat. That is of course if they are sitting properly. Kulcar Version #2 is the only version that comes with the rain cover. This is a very necessary part because without it there are gaps in the rubber stripping where rain would come through.

The solar panel is easily adjusted to reach for the sun. But I heard the fans start as soon as I started installing the Kulcar. There was no question that it was functioning properly. The only time the fans stopped is when I blocked the solar panel.

So after I was finish installing, I was mighty proud of myself because I needed NO help, I went inside. You know I was DYING to see if it was actually cooling off my car right? So after only 10 minutes I went outside to check. And you know what? I felt a difference in the temperature of my vehicle. I can really say it was not as hot nor did it take my breath away when I got in. I'm also very happy to say my behind is free from burns as well.

If you are looking for a way to keep you vehicle cooler during the summer I would recommend trying a KulCar.  It's a simple, compact product that's very easy to install and uninstall. So go get yours here

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine

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