Monday, April 27, 2015

Kisspat @ 6 Most popular colors Hair Chalk Review

I have talked a little bit about how much I would like colorful hair.  I think it's super cute but unfortunately my job will not allow me to have hair the color that I want. So when I was chosen to review Kisspat Hair Chalk I was very excited. It is a great way to temporarily have colorful hair any time I want.

The set comes with six colors blue, purple, orange, green, pink, and red.  Those are the most popular hair colors at this time so really they are the only six I need. Being basically art chalk, they are super easy to use. The instructions say we the piece of hair and apply the color but you can also we the chalk to apply color. Wetting the chalk opposed to the hair is much more messy because the chalk got all over my hands. But it washed off easily.

It applies smoothly and evenly after some work. I mean I had to go over the same piece of hair a few times before I had the amount of color I wanted. But once I was done it was very pretty.The color is no BOLD like I expected so that made it look like a dye job ( I would have said natural but I have not seen pink hair come natural to any body)  not some spray color that looks like paint. Also it's not as time consuming or messy as hair dye. I saw a girl that looked like she was turning into a grape. She said her dye went all over and stained her skin!

Depending on your hair color and the color chalk you choose, the color can be very visible. It stayed on all day until I washed it out. It only took one wash to come out with no trace. I love that it is not messy once in my hair. It doesn't rub off and it doesn't make my hair feel like chalk or straw.

My children cannot wait until summer to use these chalks. They want their hair different colors so bad. Really we don't' have to wait until summer because these wash out so easily.  We will have so much fun with these. The possibilities are limited to your imagination. And as easy as they are to use you will be inspired to try different looks constantly.

I would recommend trying the Kisspat Hair Chalk to anyone who wants to experience colored hair but is afraid to commit to something permanent like dye. This is the perfect, fun solution. I know you are going to want to buy your own set so check it out here
I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers.

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