Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vitamin C Serum Review

I have used a lot of different Vitamin C serums and believe it or not they are all super different. When I got to review The LBelleza  Vitamin C I was very excited. Just like most vitamin C it comes is in a bottle withan eyedropper dispenser.

This one is pretty thin just like a lot of them as well. I try to hurry and rub it in so it doesn't drip all over the place. I was very happy to find out it has a light smell. I have used vitamin C serums that had a strong not so pleasant smell to them.  The smell of laBelleza is odd it sort of reminds me of a drinking alcohol smell but I can only smell it when I stick my nose in the bottle.

I have been using this bottle in an unconventional but effective way. I have been using it to treat a rash on my arm. The rash is pretty much dry skin that itched like CRAZY. The vitamin C serum calmed the itch and is safe to use as often as I need so I've been using it. The rash is pretty much gone and i have this serum to thank. My medicine cream can only be used twice a day and I was itching a lot more often than that.

Since it absorbs quickly and invisible nobody knows when I put it on my arm or face. I love using vitamin C on face as well. It makes my skin soft and smooth. It can be worn under makeup with no pealing or flaking.

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I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers.


  1. Enjoyed your review :) I've heard about Vitamin C Serum, but knew very little about it. It's nice to learn that it has multiple uses and that it has a pleasant smell. It seems like a little goes a long way...I'll be checking it out...thank you!

  2. This sounds interesting! I would totally try it out.

  3. thank you for the review. This is what I need.

  4. I have never tried a Vitamin C serum, but it does make sense to apply the vitamin where it is needed. I like that you reported that is wasn't smelly, that would be a concern. It seems like a good product to try, it can't hurt!