Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Stylette

I fell in love with Hollywood Fashion Secrets when I got their fashion tape to try. That was the best thing that I ever used so as soon as I ran out I had to purchase more. When I was able to work with Hollywood Fashion Secrets for this review I was so happy to get the Stylette to review. What is The Stylette well it's only a super cute bag. It's so tiny it fits perfectly in your purse but it is packed with products that you will love. Once you use them you will wonder how you've ever lived without them.

The material is awesome and durable. It is vinyl so it will be very easy to clean with a wet towel. All of the products fit very neatly inside with a little spare room to put what else you may need.  So as you see the bag itself is adorable. With the white dots/boxes (what ever you call them) against the black back ground. What really brings it out is the pink top and gold accent zipper and name plate. 

So now I get to tell you all the amazing things that are in this pouch. You would never think such a little bag could be so powerful but these products are for fashion emergency which can make are brake an outfit. I don't know about you but i have had some fashion emergencies at the worst possible times.  

I can't decide which I'm most excited about so I will just write about them as I pull them out. The first is a deodorant sponge. This is a must for me know that I know they exist. Do can't imagine how many times I have gotten to work, shopping center, what ever with a little white streak.My deo is supposed to be clear dry what the **** happened? But no more worrying about that because I have this remover at hand when I leave the house. 

Eye Makeup Corrector & Remove 2 portable cotton swabs so any oops can be wiped away quickly. I have gotten wet and had mascara running down my face. Or with me I never know when tears will pop out of my eyes so this is great for me. 

A stain remover wipe is a sealed package. I NEED something to remove stains so I have a Stain pen in my purse but those dry out. These are always going to be wet because they individually sealed. I would need a case of these to keep on hand, I'm extremely messy. But I am happy to say I still have the one that came in my Stylette! 

Leather Wipe is just like the stain removing wipe only for leather. Quickly clean shoes, jackets, or purses in those circumstances when they get dirty. 

Thirty lint removing sheets. These are another thing I never realize I need until i leave the house and get where I am going. I used to leave a lint roller in my car but if I'm in the building, that won't do me any good. So these are always available in a little folded portable pack. 

One pair of Garment Shields. I will say I've never heard of these before but they seem very useful. I don't wear silk but I have talked to people that do. Silk has a tenancy to show wetness if you are a person that sweats a lot. I have always been that type of person so these are very interesting to me. They go on the inside of your shirt to protect it from getting pit stains and they stop the wet stain from showing on your shirt. That is AWESOME nothing is attractive about pit stains or wet spots but I will admit I've had them before despite my best efforts. 

Fashion Tape is the best thing I have ever discovered. I HATE trying to pin a shirt close. I always put the pin in an awkward spot or in the completely wrong spot. It is never easy especially if I'm wearing the shirt.   When I need to pin something I just use a strip of fashion tape. It was so nice to have fashion tape on hand when my hem fell out. I just taped it back up and went about my day as usual. I've used the fashion tape to tape my son's rip when he was on his way to school. This really is a life saver in a TON of situations. I have a roll at home but never thought to take it with me. It makes sense to keep it on hand. 

I can't stand to file my nails but it is necessary at times. It never fails, those times are always when I'm not at home. So there is a small nail file in the Stylette as well. 

No show concealers, again I have never heard of these but I can say I will probably not get any use out of them.  But they are an awesome concept. They will stick on unlotioned breast and conceal your nipples to make them appear smooth under strapless or sheer shirts/dresses. The reason I say I will not get any use out of them is it is very rare that I will go without a bra. I wear a 38DD so it is very noticeable and I'm self conscious of it. But I could see these getting a lot of use for those lucky ones that can go braless under strapless outfits. 

The Bra Converting clip is an awesome idea as well. It helps hid bra straps, keeps straps from slipping,  and lift breast its great for racer back tanks. So you can take a regular bra and turn into a bra friendly for any for any racer back outfit. I LOVE that idea. I have tried racerbacks but they are not comfortable enough for me to use a lot so they just sit there waiting for the right outfit. Or I don't by clothes because it's not "bra friendly" So I'm excited to use this clip during the summer. 

Last but not least is a card that tells you what everything is and how to use it.  Although most of these items are marked individually this is very useful. I had no idea what the concealers or garment shields where.  With the help of this card I was able to tell you exactly what they are and how to use them. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers.

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  1. I had never heard of this product. So glad I found your review! I'll have to try this now, just what I need! Thanks for the info!