Monday, February 2, 2015

NEW Garcinia/Cleanse ADVANCED Fast Weight Loss Kit Review

I am not big on taking supplements because I have high blood pressure, I have to be VERY careful not to take something that will raise my heart rate. So I'm always very skeptical and usually stay far away from any weightloss pills. But when I saw Garcinia Cambogia I was really curious because it was getting a LOT of attention because it works so well.

I did tons of research and could not find any extremely negative side effects. None, do you know how rear that is?  I've been fighting to lose weight for a long time so I have looked into many things so no side effects was really appealing to me. So I took Garcinia Cambogia and was really impressed but I had one of the only side effects I could find. I could not, lets just say, go to the bathroom so I stopped taking it.

When I saw this Advanced Fast Weight Loss Kit with Garcinia and a Cleanse I was really excited. It is one of the few supplements I signed up to review. When I got accepted I was over the moon excited and waited by my mail box for it to come in. Every time I ate something I shouldn't  have eaten I would think "my Garcinia Cambogia will be here soon"

So the day I got my package in I ripped it open and took my Garcinia Pills. I was SO happy to see that I only had to take two per day. I had one that I had to take two with each meal and that was way too many. Two a day is a perfectly reasonable dosage and very easy to remember.

I wasn't very sure what to expect from the Slender Cleanse but I do know from the description it would help with the side effect I experience from taking the Garcinia pills. So I figured the two of them together might be just what I needed.

Both of the pills are formulated to boost energy and help with weight loss. The Garcinia Cambogi  is ADVANCED so it has HCA which helps stops the stress hormone Cortisol.  I don't know if I'm the only one but since I'm getting older my stress levels are very HIGH. I find the smallest things make me freak ou so I could use help with the stress and mood. I really hope my husband doesn't read this because I would never admit that to him!

I have taken the two as instructed and I see a HUGE difference in myself. I'm happier, more energetic, I do not have to fight off those hunger pains when I'm bored.  I have not lost weight yet, it has been only a week I was not expecting miracles.  Since I'm not eating as much or as hungry I am expecting results. I will say right now I feel like my teenage self again, just smarter and making better decision (I hope).  It only took one or two doses before I felt that my appetite was suppressed I don't want to snack like I used to and I don't eat as much at one sitting. I gradually noticed my mood getting better and me laughing much more than I had been lately. I have also WANTED to exercise.

I do not recommend taking supplements with any type of stimulants unless you know you can tolerate them but you're in luck neither of these have high amounts of stimulants. The Slender Cleanse has caffeine but it's equivalent to 1/4 cup of coffee so I am tolerating it very well.  I have experienced no side effects at all.

If you are looking to try a weight loss aid this would be the one I recommend trying.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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