Friday, January 23, 2015

Elite Eco Washer Giveaway

Hosted by: Easy Green Mom and Sponsored by: EcoWasher
Wouldn't you love to never buy laundry detergent again?  With EcoWasher environmentally friendly appliance you can and it's designed to work with your existing washing machine.  
Amber from Easy Green Mom recently gave EcoWasher a try and is very pleased with her EcoWasher Elite!  You can read her review HERE. 
The EcoWasher is compact, fast, easy to install and saves thousands over it's decade lifespan. Benefits of the EcoWasher® include: less lint in dryers, soft fabrics, increase in fabrics longevity and ultimately supporting a healthier non toxic laundry experience.
EcoWasher is for...

Functions of EcoWasher ELITE:
  • EcoWasher® Germ Shield Technology™- Advanced nanosiler ions create a powerful invisible shield that disinfects and protects your clothing! this antimicrobial agent works to kill and repel odor-causing bacteria, germs and viruses!
  • Sterilizes and disinfects
  • Deep cleans laundry with no use of detergent
  • Decontaminates and purifies
  • Conserves energy and protects the environment 
  • Adds no pollutants to the water
  • The EcoWasher® ELITE works automatically. After proper installation, simply operate your washing machine following the manufacturer's opening instructions. The EcoWasher® ELITE will turn on automatically while water is flowing through it. *Note: Blue light will only appear while water is flowing through the unit.
What an amazing giveaway! This is something we could really use at my house and being EcoFriendly is even better! 
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Risk Free 30 Day Trial
Become a Believer. Experience the EcoWasher® RISK FREE on us for 30 Days. Don't like it? Don't keep it. 100% Money back guarantee.
You can learn more about EcoWasher and purchase an EcoWasher Elite on their website HERE!
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Enter to win!

Win 1 EcoWasher ELITE, a $497 Value!

This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ only. The giveaway will end at 11:59 pm CST on 02/07/2015. 

Good luck 

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  1. There seem to be so many benefits of the EcoWasher that I get excited just thinking about it. I love that in cold water it will disinfect and clean your clothing. With all the different virus etc. going around keeping germs at bay is a must. I like that it doesn't leave any chemical residue behind and that it is 100% Eco-friendly. The money saving benefits of the EcoWasher can't be beat either! You don't use any hot water which conserves energy and by not using detergent it increases the life of your clothing. This is a win, win!

  2. I love that it conserves energy and saves money. This would be really great to have

  3. I like everything about it, especially the money savings.

  4. I love that it works in cold water and it will disinfect and clean your clothing. I like that it doesn't leave any chemical residue behind and that it is 100% Eco-friendly.

  5. So cool that it is automatic! I also like that it disinfects. Sounds amazing!

  6. Era Light (Melissa George): i love that EcoWasher is the most effective and natural way to clean your laundry BETTER! Brighter colors, softer fabrics and kills bacteria and viruses left behind in clothing!

  7. I like that it kills viruses left in clothes and of course that I'll never have to use laundry detergent again

  8. What can you ask for more when something is eco friendly and it saves you money not to mention it gets rid of the yuckies!

  9. I love the fact that it conserves energy and doesn't have to use hot water. Getting rid of germs and viruses is also a big plus too!