Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Instyler Styling tools

I was so excited to be chosen as an Vocal Point Instyler Blogger. I have seen these tools on TV but never had the pleasure of trying them. I was very excited about trying all of them so I didn't know which one to try first.  

The first one I tried was the Tulip Auto Curler I was excited about this one but I hardly ever take the time to curl my hair. I have a hard time with the curling wand and don't like to take all of that time. This is designed to save time and be easier than a curling wand to use. So that intrigued me. 

I was immediately impressed with the choices I have using the Tulip. Not only can I choose medium or high heat, I can choose the amount of time my hair needs for the curl to set, plus the direction the wand will rotate. Believe it or not but changing one of these settings will type of curl you will get. 

I LOVE that the Instyler takes all of the guess work out of how long to leave the wand in my hair. It beeps while it is in progress and beeps three times when done. Once done all I have to do is pull the Tulip down and bam beautiful curls. My favorite setting is to have the wand set on A which makes it rotate around.  That is the best for my hair. There is also a tool that tells you exactly how much hair to put in the Tulip so you don't have to guess about that either. 

I had a very hard time with getting the curls to stay so I have a few tips. Use a strong hold gel, I don't care how long your hair is the gel will help the curls set.  Then once you are done with one side spray a strong hold hair spray and that will help them hold. My curls lasted all night long.  Be VERY careful about only putting the recommended amount of hair in the RIGHT spot. If not your hair can get tangled in the Tulip this happened to me twice but I was much more careful after. 

The next one I was extremely excited about. I have watched lots of commercials and have always wonder what they hype is about the Instyler Rotating Iron Max. This one comes with a comb and a heat resistant mat. 

The Max is  SUPER easy to use. If you can use a flat iron, you can use the Instyler Max. My hair is not thick but it is bulky when I use the right products and this runs easily through my hair.  I actually think this is easier on your hair than a flat iron because the brush is not heated so your hair is only getting heat from one side. 

You can use the Max with the brush on top or on the bottom it is your choice. My favorite is with the brush on top.  My hair came out with lots of volume and shine. I prefer to use this over my flat iron there was no pulling or tugging on my hair. 

The Max can also be used for waves, curls, and beach waves but I have not tried any of those yet. 

The Instyler Ionic Styler Pro is a neat concept but my least favorite of the three. I love that it can be a flat iron or a curling wand but the brushes scare me. I'm very afraid to get this stuck in my hair and have to cut it out. I don't know if that can really happen but when I was younger I got a brush stuck in my friend's hair. So I am scarred.

Since it can be used as a flat iron or a curling wand it locks closed when you use it as a curling wand. It is cool to touch so no more burning your hands. It comes with a styling comb and heat resistant bag for storage.

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alwaysblabbing was given these products complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products that are good for my readers. 

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