Sunday, November 2, 2014

Super Cute Pin up tutorial for short hair

Hair Tutorial: Twist-N-Pin Style for Short Hair
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Growing out short hair can be a real pain! Try our messy up-do to give you a new look while you’re waiting for your hair to grow out.
Here’s our simple step-by-step tutorial for this versatile style–from the professionals on the Color Crew at Madison Reed!
Halloween Hair Ideas
1. Section out a 2? by 2? section right below your crown.
2. Twist and pin this section, this will act as base to anchor all your other pins.
3. Start taking small sections, twisting and pinning to the base you have created.
4. Take and twist pieces from your nape and pin to the base.
5. Take sections from your temple and twist back, pinning in place.
6. You are left with the top section, back tease just a bit for some added volume.
7. Twist back and pin back, hiding the original base you created.
8. The finished product should look messy and lovely.
9. Finallly, pull out a few face framing tendrils and you are on your way!
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