Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kiss Instawave

I have naturally wavy hair and my hair is beautiful when freshly washed and dried (if I do say so myself) but the problem is I wash my hair at night so once i sleep on it my waves fall drastically. So I can never wear it out without doing some type of styling.

What an ingenious idea the Kiss Instawave is. It adds waves with very little effort on your part. It takes some getting used to but it is very easy to use.  I had a very hard time relinquishing control of my hair. You see the concept is to put your hair by the Instawave and let go, then it takes over. Well that concept defies any curling device I have used. You know, normally it is your job to wrap the hair around the barrel. So that was a little hurdle for me but it didn't take long to get over it.

The thing I really love is I ran the Instawave in my not so freshly washed hair and it helped create amazing volume and bounce. I was so happy with the style.  In around 10 minutes I had bouncing waves and lots of volume.

My best advice when you get any new styling tool is play with it. I will not work the same in my hair as it does your. It may not work the same on the right side of your head as it does the left, who knows. So one I started playing with the Instawave I was even happier. Not only can I create volume and bounce but with the flick of my wrist I can create beautiful curls. As tight or as soft and I want them to be.  

There is a high and a low setting so you can control the heat of the barrel (up to 420 degrees) as well as the direction the barrel goes. It's so easy you can go left on one curl and right on the other with only a push of a switch. The longer you hold the barrel in the hair the tighter the waves/curls. But I would love to see a smaller barrel for smaller curls.  

I saw a lot of concerns on Facebook that this may get tangled in your hair. Rest assured, it is a tangle free design. All you do is pull down and the wand is out of your hair. 
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