Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Title: Crowed                                         
Arthur: Julia Dweck 
Illustrator: Beth Trott

About: From best selling children’s author, Julia Dweck, comes a tale of fantasy, adventure and bravery. Quinn is a fairy sprite who dreams of becoming queen. But how does one become a queen? All the books Quinn has ever read claim that damsels in distress are rescued by princes and then live happily ever after. Quinn’s search for a handsome prince is brought to an abrupt halt by a nasty two-headed ogre who threatens the safety of Fairy Land. And suddenly, a dreaded sound, As something wicked stomped the ground. A gruesome ogre, wide and tall, And both heads said, “I’m King of all!” Now looking round, Quinn was alone. How could she stop it on her own? But fairies always locked their doors When ogres came to settle scores. Can Quinn summon the queen inside her heart to outwit this evil foe? Crowned! is a clever fairy tale, which teaches young readers that two heads aren’t always better than one--especially when you’re dealing with one very determined young fairy. Artist, Beth Trott, waves her magic paintbrush, blending color and fantasy into each breathtaking page. Young readers will be dazzled not only by the story, but also challenging activities that extend the learning and fun. Crowned! is a crowning achievement.

When I saw Julia Dweck's new book Crowned I KNEW my girls would love it. The day I received the book I opened it and left it on a chair in my office. Well my 5 year old (who notices everything) was the first to see it and whipped it up to look at it. She as so excited and started "reading" it soaking in every page.

The bright and cheery colors made my smile when I looked through the book so I can see why a child would be included to keep turning the pages. She pointed out a LOT of characters that she liked or that reminded her of a character she has seen before.

She loved that the main character is a fairy. Since she is learning to read she was only able to recognize words here and there but that didn't stop her for being very engrossed in the book.

When my six year old sat down to read the book. I was happy to hear her sounding out the words and getting a lot of them correct.

My children loved this book. They were very excited with the characters and my 5 year old was interested in the quiz on the back. I love Julia Dweck books because they always have moral story to them. They are also beautifully illustrated. 

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