Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tutorial for a Side Chignon

Hair Tutorial: Side Chignon–The French Bun
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Otherwise known as a French bun, a chignon traditionally sits at the nape of the neck. In its loose, messy form it’s great for hiding bad hair days. In its smooth, polished form it’s perfect for a night of theater and fine dining.
Here’s our simple step-by-step tutorial for this versatile style–from the professionals on the Color Crew at Madison Reed!
Side Chignon Tutorial
1. Create a deep side-part, as clean or messy as you like.
2. Gather all hair behind opposite ear from part. Smooth with your favorite brush if desired, or leave messy.
3. Secure into a ponytail with a hair-tie.
4. Separate ponytail into three sections. Take bottom-most section and start twisting.
5. While twisting section, curl around base of ponytail. Secure to base of ponytail with pin.
6. Repeat with two remaining sections twisting into complimentary curls.
7. Pin the two remaining sections into place as you go.
8. Once a completed curled Chignon has been pinned into place, pull out small sections for a romantic feel, or smooth and perfect with a tail comb for a modern, clean result. Spray to hold.

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