Friday, September 12, 2014

Trind Perfect Cuticle & Nail Kit

From polish and acetone to dishes and harsh cleaning products my nails take a lot of abuse.   No matter how much I hydrate with lotion my nails still get brittle and crack.  I recently noticed ridges and despite buffing they wouldn't go away.  So I love to discover new nail care products. I recently ran across Trind Cosmetics and was very excited when they agreed to work with me for a review.

Trind has tons of products that look amazing and would be very helpful for my nail's health but I chose the Perfect Cuticle &Nail Kit to review for ya'll. I notice my cuticles are not always as "pretty" as I would like and I have been using cuticle oil so it was time to enlist the help of something stronger.

The Perfect Cuticle & Nail Kit includes Nail Balsam, Nail Repair, and Cuticle Balsam. All of them work together are perfect for maintaining a manicure or pedicure.  They can also be used to remove overgrown cuticles and prevent hangnails. Rehydrates dry fingernails and toenails to support healthy, natural growth. In turn your nails look fabulous.

Cuticle Balsam is a nice thick consistency with no oily/greasy feeling. It dries very quickly and leaves no visible residue. My cuticles look much better with no splitting or cracking after one use. And I'm no stranger to cuticle oils, I use them all the time. 

The Nail Balsam is made with an effective amount of Biotine which is the perfect copy of nail moisture. It also contains natural moisturizers and is guaranteed oil free. If your nails are both brittle and soft using the Nail Balsam in combination with the Nail Repair will give you excellent results. 

This is more of a gel consistency and goes on like a gel polish. It takes a little while to dry so be prepared to sit for a few minutes before putting on the Nail Repair. I will say I'm very impatient so I tend to try to rush things. A bad habit I know, I work on it. But once it dries it dries like a clear coat. The Nail Repair goes right over.  

The Nail Repair is an effective nail strengthener which helps to make nails strong yet supple at the same time. With this product your nails won't dry out and won't show discoloration. This unique formula matches the molecules, which creates a rigid structure that makes the nail stronger.   

There are different shades of Nail Repair this one is a shiny finish which give my nails the appearance beautiful healthy shine.  The nail repair is applied after the Nail Balsam dries. All three of these are very easy to apply like. It's just like applying nail polish. 

Once both coats are completely dry it's safe to apply a color on top if you would like. I did not experience any peeling or cracking in either of these without polish on top. I did not try them with polish. 

Trind  has lots of other nail care products and color polish so go check them out.  They even have hand and foot care products.

I was excited when I saw they had a nail bite polish because I searched high and low and could not find any when my son was biting his nails. He better not start that habit again or he is in trouble

 I received the above mentioned products complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. Rest assured I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers. 

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  1. I enjoyed reading this review and hearing your positive thoughts about the products...when it comes to nails, I know you are an expert!