Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Best Sweetest Day Ever giveaway opp


Looking for a fun way to boost your stats and followers? Why not join the fun and sign up for this giveaway opp. It's a great way to meet new bloggers too! 
Bloggers needed to help spread the word about this giveaway!
Sign Ups End 9/28
I have a new giveaway it is called the “Best Sweetest Day Ever Giveaway”.
If you have a company that would like to donate something to this giveaway please email me
There will be 1 winner.
The prize package is over $500 and growing!
Salcura Natural Skin Therapy $100 rv
Viatek $249 rv $65 rv $39.95 rv\ $25 rv $14.95 rv
I am still waiting on final approval for a couple
I will give 2 free links with posting of this Bloggers Opportunity (bottom of sign up information)
The site/person signing up the most bloggers get a free co-host spot!
If already paid will return money 9/29

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