Monday, September 29, 2014

I love shoes and I'm very attracted to high heels. The higher the better and that drives people crazy because I am 5'8 so with heels I am extremely tall. When I was able to work with I was VERY excited. I was able to chose a few pairs of shoes out of the vast, amazing selection of all types of shoes. I of course went to the heels first.  Most women feel great in heels.  Heels are incredibly sexy because they make my legs look longer. Believe it or not i have very short legs even though I'm pretty tall.

I don't buy myself many heels because I don't get a chance to wear them often. I only where them for special occasions and church. But with church I have to be very careful not to have a heel that is too high.  So as I'm choosing the pairs I wanted to review there was a hundred pairs or more I wanted but I controlled myself

They not only have shoes they have pajamas, accessories, and clothes -- including plus sizes to name a few. All at extremely affordable prices. The shoes I chose arrived very quickly and it was a lot like Christmas opening that big box with 5 pairs of shoes.

With winter coming I chose this amazing pair of boots. The only thing I like about cooler weather is the fashion. There is something I love about jeans, a sweater, and a great pair of boots.  A shirt or dress and boots is great too. So that causes me to have more boots than anyone should but I'm not complaining. These boots are stiletto heels which which is a little higher than I'm used to walking in but wow they GORGEOUS. With their camel color and faux suede material.

The next pair is a platform open toe heel . These are pretty high as well but platform heels are a little wider than stiletto so they are a little easier to walk in. These are for a lack of better explanation super HOT. They are very well made faux leather material and cushion in all the right spots. The material is not cutting into my ankle or toes. I hate shoes that tear my cuticles when the material rubs on them.

I think out of all of them, the next ones are my favorites. The Fabric Pleated Platform Heels they are so pretty and extremely comfortable. Regardless of the size of the heel it is wider and very easy to walk in. The bands are soft and give when I walk so nothing cuts into my toes, heels, or ankles. The material soles are a wood grain and made extremely sturdy.  I will wear these everywhere I can.

I know I said the ones above are my favorite but I LOVE these little Strappy Wedges too. The great thing about wedges are they can be worn with dressy or casual. These to are extremely comfortable. The faux leather material is very giving so no rubbing and digging on my toes, heels, or ankles. The wedge is slightly high but I could easily walk in these all day as well. The gold accents are very pretty and although it is does not look fake. It is not a bright yellow.,
These Orange Studded Heels are super cute as well! The heel looks a little high to be casual but I have worn them with shorts and they look great. These are very comfortable and again no digging or rubbing because the material is super soft and comfortable on the skin.

I love shoes but these shoes are amazing. They are available in half sizes but am between an 8.5 and 9. I ordered a 9 because in dress sizes some times they are snug was a little big. So if you are worried about them being too small, don't be they are a great fit. Every pair is made very well with nice material that is soft an cushy when it needs to be. They give just enough to let me walk comfortably. With so many amazing shoes to choose from, I may be ordering more very soon. 

The site has so many other things too I may be ordering clothes or purses too! I definitely recommend checking them out! Come back and let me know what you would like to order. 

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I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinioned expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers.   

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