Friday, March 21, 2014

Treasure Pack subscription box

What woman wouldn't want a box filled with jewelry delivered to her door for $14.99/m with free worldwide shipping. I want to tell you about Treasure Pack a new monthly subscription box which is just that. Although the box itself was a little lackluster, it was filled with jewelry. I asked my hubby what he would pay for the jewelry I got and he said probably around $100.00 so I would say not bad for $15.00.

If it makes sense I was both impressed an appalled when I unpacked my jewelry. I was very appalled that is was all shoved in a TINY box but the jewelry itself was great. There was only a few pieces that I would were myself but some of it is great for my girls.  I was also shocked that I received 3 of the same rings,  I will say they are super cute. Plus I have three girls so it may have just been fate I can give one to each.

I fell in love with a turquoise bangle bracelet that I have already worn to church. The quality is no different from something other cosmetic jewelry you would pick up at WalMart. There were a few more pieces that I really liked as well. I think this box of jewelry is worth way more than $14.99. I asked my hubby how much he would pay for it. He guess what he thought each piece was worth and came to roughly $100.00.  I have to agree since I received 10 pieces of jewelry. 

If you are looking for an affordable way to expand you jewelry collection Treasure pack is the way to go. It"s so fun to have jewelry delivered to your door and with that many pieces in each box there's sure to be at least one you love.  Then you can use the others as gifts. 

They also have a sunglasses and scarf subscription too! How fun is that. I lose sunglasses almost daily so the sunglasses box would be tons of fun to me and the scarf box would be great during the winter. If you sign up before the 17th of the month you will get that month's box if not you'll get the next month's box. As with most subscription boxes you pay monthly and can cancel at anytime. 

I received this box complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine.


  1. Very pretty!I love your bracelet! That looks like a fun box subscription :)

  2. Hi! Wow! That's quite a bit of stuff for $14.99! I'm definitely looking into subscribing. Thanks!

  3. How pretty! I love that necklace with the turquoise on it!

  4. That is really fun! But seriously bad packaging lol. Don't they know how the subscription box market works??