Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Viatbath Asian Orchid and Coconut

The color of the year is Radiant Orchid which is a beautiful color have you added any pieces to your wardrobe? I always wonder who picks the color of the year and why they pick what they do.  But don't get me wrong, I think Radiant Orchid is a beautiful color. Plus an orchid is my favorite flower, too bad I have had terrible luck trying to grow them.

I've told you before about amazing scents from Vitabath is and I have a new one to share with you. I recently tried Asian Orchid and Coconut body wash and body spray which is you guessed it the color of Radiant Orchid. So is this going to be fragrance of the year? Do they have such a thing? Who votes? But anyway even if it's not fragrance of the year, it's one of my new favorites.

I will tell you coconut is not one of my go to scents, it's okay but nothing I love. But this does not smell like coconut at all. The blend of a Asian Orchid and coconut creates an intoxicating scent that will makes me linger in the shower.

It is not fruity or sweet, it's not flowery either the only way to describe it is a very pleasant smell that makes me keep smelling it. I catch myself sniffing the bottle before I use it.  As with other Vitabath body wash, it doesn't take much to create a great lather. I feel super clean with no soap residue, and it does not dry my skin out.

The body spray smells just as amazing and it's not too strong but last a long time. The other day I wore it and a few hours later I caught a whiff of it's delightful smell.  I love this smell and would purchase it for myself or as a gift. There is also a lotion available so you can add another layer of scent for a day filled with compliments about how good you smell.

All of Vitabath's products are very affordable. The bath gel sells for $7.95 and they have bundles and gift sets. You can also purchase sample sizes so you can buy one fragrance or buy the sample and try a few fragrances.

I received these products complimentary from Vitabath in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine.


  1. This sounds so nice. I love orchid scents! Tom Ford's Black Orchid is one of my favorite fragrances. Nice review! xoxo Lauren

  2. I have smelled this at ULTA and this is actually my favorite scent from them!

  3. I haven't tried Vitabath at all but when I saw cocunut in the ingredients I too was going to turn away thats just one smell for some reason I do not like. So glad I continued reading to see that the strong smell doesn't actually come through. Think ill be giving this brand a try thanks xx