Thursday, February 13, 2014

Eda's Sugarfree candies

When I accepted the invitation for Swaggable to try Eda's Sugarfree candy I was sort of meh about it. I don't eat a lot of hard candy and sugar free well I imagine that as taste free too.  To be perfectly honest,  I got them in a forgot about them.  One night I remembered so I grabbed them and my husband got so excited. He said he would buy these for his diabetic grandmother and eat them with her.

So I grabbed the red one, of course that is my normally my favorite  flavor and popped it in my mouth. I was very pleasantly surprised because it was very tasty. Nothing too strong or too sweet but enough to curve a sweet attack or freshen you breath.

My husband of course was eating them with me and I went to grab the grape but was already gone. So I grabbed the lighter orange which happened to be peach. It wasn't too bad but I don't care for peach my husband would have loved it. Then later on I tried the darker orange which you guessed it was orange and it was really good.

Not only are they sugar free they have no salt, no "net" carb, no fats, no glutens, and no after taste. No fat is important because I looked at the back of sugar free candy before and it had just as much fat and calories as the original candy bar.

They are hard candies but not too hard to bite into. I left mine in my mouth for a few minutes then bit and I didn't feel like I was going to crack my tooth.  Overall I am very pleased and I give Eda's Sugarfree candies two thumbs up!  Eda's website has TONS of flavors to choose from and they all sound delicious.

I received this product complimentary from Swaggable but the opinion expressed is all mine. If you haven't joined Swaggable get I don't know what you are waiting for! What could be better than trying new things for free? I know I'm slightly addicted to freebies.

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  1. Hi! The candy actually sounds pretty good! I have a terrible sweet tooth & am always looking for "healthy" sweets. Thanks for the review!