Saturday, January 18, 2014

Have you joined Markerly's blogging network? Here's why I joined

A lot you have asked me about connecting with brands. I have done countless searches with little or no success on sites that help connect blogger with brands. I am a member of a few that offer product reviews and sponsored post. I apply for all the ones I think would fit my blog and your interest and I'm lucky enough to be chosen for some. I found another site that connects bloggers with brands. They work with fabulous brands like TruMoo and Levi's.  My children love TruMoo and my husband loves Levi's (I like them too) so it would be great to work with such trusted brands.

Markerly's Blogging Network is a great way to get connect. Would you like to review a bottle of wine or awesome Ear Buds? Then Markerly's Blogging Network is the way to go.  There full service managed network that offer 24/7 blogger support. Markley's is also very focused on quality blog post and bloggers with engaged audiences. The requirements are 10,000 page views per month or an average of 3 comments per post. If you don't meet the requirements apply, they may accept you!

I won't lie I like sponsored post because who doesn't like extra money! Don't get me wrong, I would never sell out for a sponsored post and I'm sure most you wouldn't either. I would not write about a product I never tried but there are things you I am comfortable writing about in a sponsored post. If you are not comfortable doing sponsored post, Markerly Blogging Network puts you in touch with brands for reviews and sponsored post so there is something for everybody.

Brands like to use Markerly because it a great way for them to connect with bloggers and our audiences which in turn brings awareness to their products and increases sales. There are TONS of products that I would never have tried had I not saw a blog post, someone's FaceBook Post, or an Instagram picture.  So that is proof that social media is a great way for companies to improve awareness of their products.  The more post you do the more you improve awareness of your blog.  We ALL want better stats and more followers.

Look how happy everybody is:

So as you can see Markerly Blogging NetWork is a win, win for brands and bloggers alike.  I just joined, if you want to read more about Markerly click here  if you are interested in joining click here 

I was paid for this post