Sunday, January 26, 2014

Educents Sand and Water “Sensory” Table Task Cards

I'm ALWAYS trying to teach my little ones something. Sometimes I wonder if I try to teach them too much but I just want the best for them . I have always been sort of a bookworm or nerd myself so I'm full of useless (possibly useful)  tidbits of information.

My girls LOVE to learn my 5 year old is constantly asking to learn but my sons on the other hand are not so eager. My 5 year old son ( yes I have twins) NEVER wants to learn. He shuts down and won't answer, even though most of the time I KNOW he knows it. This is very frustrating for me and him. I try to make it fun but I run out of ideas. I have tried flashcards and games but they usually end in one of us crying (okay maybe not literally but you know)  A teacher suggested I use textiles to help in him learn like sugar or shaving cream. I have no idea why that would help but I'm willing to try anything.

When I was asked to review a packet from Educent PreSchool Rocks bundle I was super exited. There were lots that I wanted to try but I chose the Sand and Water Center. The bundle is 19 downloadable product that retail for $106.00 but Educents sells the bundle for $29.99 that's a savings of 71%. All you coupon moms and dads can appreciate that savings!

The packet I got is TONS of printable activities  with easy instructions for us "teachers" to folow. It's very colorful but my printer decided to run out of colored ink so mine printed black and white. I will eventually print it in color but it is tons of fun.  It teaches with "textiles" like my a teacher friend of mine suggested with my son.  You don't need tons of sand or water but you do need a place you don't mind getting a little wet and dirty or a drop cloth. The package actually suggest table clothes or shower curtains, and offers alternatives to the sand.

I had no alternatives and no place to make a mess so what I did was just cut out the words put them in a pile then I put the magnetic letters (which I had) in a different pile. I let them pull a word then match the letters. I challenged them a little because I did uppercase magnetic letters and the words were in lower case. My son was very resistant at first because I pulled them away from a movie. After a few rounds I said "Okay now ya'll can go back and finish the movie" To my surprise all of them asked if they could keep playing. This is just one activity I can't wait to try others. There are 19 packets in the bundle so I'm sure the teaching possibilities are endless.  This is great to keep Pre-School children sharp during the summer and it's great to teach children that are not yet in school.  I will try it with my youngest next.

Educents has lots of other educational products available at discount prices so go check them out. You can also follow them on FaceBook and follow them on Twitter and Pintrest to be the first to know about extra saving sales and giveaways.

I received this downloadable packet complimentary in exchange for an honest, uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. But the children helped a little.


  1. they have some great products on this site. kids look very into this project

  2. They look like they are having fun. My daughter would love those letters.

    Michelle F.

  3. I love it that they asked if they could keep on playing!!

  4. Oh wow. I have to look into this. My 4 year old would love it.

  5. I know my cousin's daughter would love this! I also love that they offer alternative suggestions for the sand or drop-cloth.

  6. Wow these look great! gonna share with my sis, i bet this would be fab for my little nephew!