Thursday, December 26, 2013

VitaBath Review

I love a hot bath at my old house I had a HUGE garden tub that I could (and would) spend hours in. I would read and relax and it was the best stress reliever ever. I also always loved bath gels and bubble bath. That was always something I asked for at Christmas because there was always a new one I loved the smell of. So I had huge a collection of bath gels and body sprays.

I still love bath gels and bubble bath so I was so excited when I had a chance to sample a few different scents of VitaBath bath gels to review for y'all I was super excited. I received Grapefruit Vanilla, Dreamy Pink Frosting, Beach Blossom, and Green Tea Sage. 

I never thought about it before but why do we like to smell like food? I'm no exception I love all food scents, chocolate, vanilla, cupcake, you name it they all smell great. Of course you can exclude broccoli from that list but then again I never tried a broccoli scented body wash, I may love it.  But I just knew I would love the first one I tried, Dreamy Pink Frosting. I was not disappointed at all with it's soft but fragrant scent of vanilla with just enough "cupcake" scent. It smelled delicious just like any other food scent. I would ask for this as a present any day.  

The next one I tried was Grapefruit Vanilla. I have to admit I was very skeptical of this one. I hate grapefruits and didn't think I would like it. But I was very wrong. I is hard to describe the smell but it is amazing. It is not overly fruity nor is it overly vanilla. A perfect combination of both that created a unique intoxicating smell. I wouldn't mind walking around all day smelling like that.  Another fragrance I can add to my present list. 

The next one I tried was Beach Blossom which smells exactly like it sounds like a bouquet of flowers. It smelled great but I unfortunately do not love the smell of flowers so this one was not one of  my favorites. I can say I would give it as a present because it smells really good and most woman like flowers. 

The last one I got to try was Green Tea and Sage which is good for relaxation. Who doesn't need a little help relaxing during the holiday? Really I need a little help relaxing every day. It smells amazing very subtle but still noticeable. You know I had to take a few big whiffs and it really does have a calming, relaxing effect.  I could see this scent being unisex because there is nothing fruity or girly but it is not manly either. I really like this scent as well. I would purchase it for myself or a gift.

They all of them lathered very nicely with very little soap and left me feeling super clean with no soap residue. Overall I like all of the scents and none of the scents are overwhelming or extremely sweet smelling either. They sell for $7.95 on the VitaBath website. You can also have lotions and body sprays to match the bath gel so you can create layers of long lasting scent.  I love when people compliment on how I good I smell.

I got a fragrance mist to try as well in Dreamy Pink Frosting. The mist is very long lasting and smells great! Just a few application tips: Give it the bottle good shake and remember a little goes a long way.

I received these samples from VitaBath complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review.  But as usual the opinion expressed is all mine and I only recommend products I feel or good for my readers. 


  1. I could really go for some of the Green Tea Sage right now!

  2. I've been hearing about vitabath but have yet to try them! They sound wonderful! thank you so much for your review. Happy New Year! xo xo