Friday, November 8, 2013

Beauty Bar Baby Mineral Eye Shadow

I was  very excited when I found these amazing Mineral EyeShadows from BeautyBarBaby she has a fantastic blogger package. You get a discount in exchange for a blog post. So if you would like to blog about her eyes shadows that may be something you are interested in. Even without that package her prices are amazing and she often runs a half off sale. She also has lip balms, lip sticks, primers so she has lots of goodies in her shop. Go check out her Esty shop but not just yet, please stick around and read my review!

For the blogger package I got to choose six colors and I will tell you I had a hard time choosing only six. She has such amazing colors but I was very conservative when I chose. Although they are all beautiful colors I wish I would have been more adventurous in my selections. The adventurous side of me will come out in another post because I will order again and share with you.

The colors I choose were Lust, Black Cherry Fizz, Busted, Pillow Talk, Nightmare, and Midnight Cowgirl.
My two favorite to wear together are Busted and Lust they are both a pink hue with not a huge amount of shine.  Lust is a few shades darker so used Busted on my lid and Lust in the crease as an accent. The quality of these shadows is amazing it applies and blends perfectly. It didn't crease nor did it fade I was very impressed with how long they lasted. At the end of the day when I removed my make up I still had eyeshadow on.

Here is Black Cherry Fizz for the lid and Nightmare as an accent on the crease.  They are both a shade of purple.

Here is a separate swatch of each

Pillow Talk
Midnight Cowgirl 


Black Cherry Fizz 


I am very pleased with all of these colors and can't wait to try some bolder, more adventurous colors.  You can also show Beauty Bar Baby some love and keep up with her newest releases by liking her FaceBook Page or following her on Twitter 


  1. You come up with some fun stuff. I have not heard of Beauty Bar Baby but I am off to go check them out. Thanks for another great post. (◕‿◕✿)

  2. I find the font you're using for your blog VERY difficult to read. You may want to try a more standardized font to increase readibility.

    1. Sorry you find my font hard to read. Thanks for the suggestion .