Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beauty things I suck at tag

I have been tagged by the sweet Amelie from All Things Glitters and Beauty to do the beauty things  I suck at tag. I love her blog she has beautiful pictures and amazing reviews. She is also a wonderful supporter, you should go check her out. Thanks Amelie for tagging me!! This was a little harder than I thought. Trust me, It's not that I don't "suck' at beauty related things, I just had a hard time thinking of more. It also appears I "suck" at some of the same things that Amelie does.

1. I cannot put eyeliner on my entire eye I can do top lid perfectly, bottom lid not so much. No matter WHAT I do I find I look like a raccoon. I think raccoons are cute and everything but I don't want to look like  one. 

2. I cannot Pluck or wax my eyebrows: first of all plucking hurt way to much, call me what you will but I just can't repeatedly pull my hair out. I know beauty hurts but there are other alternatives.  I would attempt to wax my own eyebrows but thanks to a friend I am terrified of that. You see, she pulled half her eyebrow off one day when she tried to wax her own eyebrows. That is so something I would do so I leave my brows to a professional. 

3. Styling my hair:  this is one of the most frustrating things to suck at. No matter what I do the only way I can fix my hair is straightened. Of course I can throw it in a ponytail and I have finally learned how to get it not to look slick. This flaw of mine has caused many tears throughout the years. I hate when a get a fresh hair cut and it looks beautiful. The beautician sits with me and step by step tells me how to style it. It seems simple enough then I wake up, brush my hair and NOTHING. I just don't understand why my hair hates me but it does. I buy (and USE) all the products they use and still blah. 

I'm sure there are hundreds more but I just can't think of them right now. 

I tag


  1. Haha a lot of fun to read! Those things can be such a pain!


  2. Such a fun post! I really enjoyed reading!

    It would be great if we could follow each other!

    I am now following you on GFC and would love for you to follow me back!!



  3. Thank you so much for tagging me sweety. <3 I'll get right on it asap!
    Styling my hair is such a task for me too. Haha. I try to practice everyday.

  4. Just found your blog!
    Now following!!
    Looking forward to keeping up!