Sunday, September 8, 2013

Precision tip QTips

I know you may be wondering why I am writing about QTips, well let me tell you. Precision tip QTips are one of the best beauty tools around. I recently discovered them, so if you don't already agree with me I will explain.

Have you ever applied your eyeliner too thick?  Grab a Precision tip and rub off the excess without having to wipe it all off and starting again. Same with lip liner I'm sure you have put too much or made the line thicker than you wanted. Grab a Precision Tip and wipe off the unwanted liner.  I don't know what the deal is but I sneeze so many times right after I put on mascara and you all know what happens. I bet you know what takes it off easily without disturbing the mascara on your lashes? That's right you guessed it, I grab a precision tip.

I also discovered another great use. I hate when I do my eye shadow and it gets too far in the crease of eye. I would wipe it with a my makeup sponge but sometimes that would take too much eye shadow off. Today I grabbed a QTip and like magic it disappeared with very little effort. I was also able to easily control how much was removed.

These are also amazing for cleaning nail beds after polishing. I am very messy with my left hand but these make it look like I never messed up.  The best part is they are so slim that you can really fit them in the little crack and not remove the polish on your nails. They can also be used as sort of a dotting tool.

I use them constantly I use at least two or three a day if not more. Do you have any other ways to use QTips?  Leave me a message and let me know.


  1. Great tips! I'll definitely look for this kind of Q-tips the next time I go shopping.