Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lunchables Jr.

My oldest begs me for Lunchables every time we go the grocery store. He loves them but most of them are not extremely healthy and are not what I call an suitable meal. I do on occasion by them as a reward/treat because he loves them.  When I was offered to try Lunchables complimentary from Crowdtap he was so excited. He asked me a few times if they had come in so he was waiting for them. When I opened the package I knew he would be so disappointed because they are not for him. they are geared toward his little sister's age group.

The entire line of these look a lot healthier than the others and seemed to be geared more towards being a snack rather than a meal. They come in a very cute, slim container that looks very easy to carry. We all know that our young ones get HUNGRY at the worse time. Or we run late for lunch sometimes but my little ones remind me quickly.  Lunchable, Jrs would fit perfectly in a busy mom's purse and all the varities have nonperishable food so you can keep them in there all day.

The two we got were Very Berry Crunch and Ants on a Log.  One day when my daughter's friend (okay my friend and her daughter) came over I opened the Very Berry Crunch. It has Ritz Bitz crackers and cheese, teddy grahams, and dried apple pieces that are strawberry flavored. The portion size was very generous and I had enough to share a small amount with a total of five children.  The children immediately started eating the teddy grahams and Ritz. They ate the apple pieces but my very picky daughter said they tasted funny. That did not stop her from eating them all so they could not have been that bad.  After that I heard no complaints out of any of them.

We did not try the Ant on a Log yet but I'm sure they will love that as well, it has honey graham sticks, raisins, and a small cup of peanut butter. They run for $1.97 and you buy them from your local grocery store. I would purchase them in the future because they are great for an on the go or after school snack.  Although they are geared towards younger children, they are great for children or really people of all ages. I see no reason us moms can't enjoy a few bites here and there.

I was given these complimentary to try from Crowdtap but no additional compensation was given for this post. As usual the opinion expressed are mine or in the case my kids. 

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