Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My thoughts on lip balm

There's Chapstick and countless others, scented, unscented, tinted and not tinted. Most of use some type of lip balm but with so many out there which ones do you chose. I use lip balm constantly truthfully I call them all chapstick so if I start talking about chapstick keep in mind I don't mean that particular brand. I was a long time user of Carmex and it works great but I found myself wiping it off after a few minutes because it gets sticky and gooey and I hated that feeling.

I tried the plan Nieva Lip care which sells for around $2.99 a tube and I liked it it worked great without the sticky nasty feeling. The plan one is fine but I tried the Olive Oil and Lemon and I didn't like the smell at all. It smells funny but thankfully doesn't taste like it smells.  Neither of them are tinted so they are just lip balms. Thankfully the Nivea does not go on green.  I would have gone back to the original Nieva but then I tried NYC Applelicious.

NYC New York Color Appleicious sells for around $2.99 a tube and it comes in 10 different shades. It is a tinted balm and smells fantastic plus it is made with lots great ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba and Avocado Oil so it makes your lips feel fantastic. There is no sticky residue and although the color makes it more appealing to wear when you are out and about.  Just because it's tinted it doesn't mean you can't wear it when you are in your PJs or even before going bed. I really love the way this makes my lips feel soft and smooth. The smell is a plus it smells so much like candy it might make you hungry.

I also was given Lancome Baume in Love I thought it was a lipstick and I freaked out. As you can see the color is BRIGHT pink, almost blinding. Thankfully it does not go on that way, this one is clear when applied. It comes in a few other colors which do not go on clear and they sell for $26.00. Why would you pay $26.00 for a lip balm my first though was "that is CRAZY?" Does it work any better than the $3.00? What could possibly be so different? In my opinion there is NOTHING different about this lip "baume" it does nothing that the others do not and it does not make your lips look any better than the others.

I do believe in splurging if it's worth it but I would NOT pay $26.00 for something I could get for $3.00, I'll save my money and buy other things. I can think of lots things I can get for the remaining $23.00. Do you think lip balms are worth splurging on? What is your favorite lip balm?

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