Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nabisco MEGA stuffed Oreos

Original Oreo
Who doesn't like something sweet? I know I love pretty much anything chocolate but I love to sit down with a glass of milk and cookies on occasion. Chocolate chip cookies are something I buy but I like Oreos too. If you haven't tried Nabisco Oreo cookies they have a chocolate cookie and a delicous cream filling and a long time ago they came out with a cookie that had double the cream that the orginal Oreo had. I have been eating Oreos for as long as I can remember and  I love Double Stuf Oreos so when I saw these Mega Stuf I had to try them. They have triple the amount of cream in the middle that the original Oreo cookie has .

Triple Stuf

I love the cream it's my favorite part of the cookie but it can be considered sweet if you eat too many. How many is too many will be up to you to determine. I know sometimes I eat way more then I should. All you need to add is a large cold glass of milk to have  a perfect snack. Of course being cookies they are full of calories and fat but it okay to treat yourself every now and then. Compared to Double Stuf they have 40 more calories per serving which is two cookies.


  1. Oh, you have them on your blog! That's funny, because we were just chatting about those!! My daughter just broke the bad news to me tonight that they are only for a limited time. I think we need to start a petition to keep the Mega Stuf!

    1. They are just too good not to share. I saw that they were a limited edition when I was writting this post and got very upset. If you start a petition I will sign it for sure!