Saturday, February 9, 2013

L'Oreal Consumer Participation Panel


 I signed up for the L'Oreal consumer participation panel site a few months ago.  It is free to join and you complete and application of sorts. Then you are emailed a user name, password, and link to sign in.  Once you sign in you complete a few start up surveys and wait for a survey to appear on your profile. Sometimes you get informational surveys or product testing surveys. They even send you products just for taking five informational surveys. If you are chosen for a home study they mail you the product you test it for the duration they specify then they send you additional product(s) as compensation. What could be better then testing beauty products for free THEN getting paid with other beauty products? They also do In-House studies in their facility but it is way too far for me to drive.

After about what seemed like a million surveys. I was so excited to finally be chosen for a home study. It was a foundation that I was sent to test for a week. It was more like a BB cream then a foundation but under another foundation I really like it. Too bad I will never know what I tested because it made my face feel amazingly smooth and soft. After a week of use they sent a final survey that took about 5 minutes to complete. The best part is they send you products as compensation the product I received a L'Oreal True Match Blush in Natural and I really love it. I just recently qualified for a ten week BB Cream study. I received ten sample sized BB creams to test and complete a survey each week and at the end of the study I will be compensated with a bag of assorted products. I can't wait to see what my compensation is.   Click here to sign up and let me know if you are chosen for a product test.

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